• The most compact, affordable, and energy efficient fs-Ti:sapphire laser in the world!

TENACITY is a Ti:sapphire ultrafast laser deploying the newest direct diode pumping technology. By replacing bulky and expensive DPSS lasers with ultra-compact, lowcost laser diodes, TENACITY successfully delivers up to 500 mW output power from a monolithic compact laser head. Therefore, it is a perfect light source to bring femtosecond laser pulses in various cutting-edge applications

Superior compactness and convenience

Combining laser diodes with a dispersive mirror design, TENACITY manages to integrate the whole turn-key femtosecond laser into a single encasement slightly bigger than a shoebox, which greatly reduces the complication of your experimental setup. Since no additional controller unit is required, the system can easily be installed by the user as soon as it arrives at the lab

Outstanding stability and durability

Given its highly robust opto-mechanical and electronic design, TENACITY represents the next generation femtosecond Ti:sapphire laser with outstanding passive stability and durability. Furthermore, ongoing active output power stabilization guarantees short and long-term stabilities.

TENACITY is an ideal femtosecond laser for a plethora of scientific applications, such as biomedical imaging, THz generation/detection, amplifier seeding, etc.
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Output Power [mW]> 400
> 500> 300
Bandwidth FWHM [nm]> 50
> 25> 12
Pulse duration [fs]< 15
< 30< 70
Center wavelength [nm]800 ± 15800 ± 15800 ± 15
Repetition rate [MHz]80 ± 1
80 ± 180 ± 1
Dimension [mm]420 x 255 x 110420 x 255 x 110420 x 255 x 110
Weight [kg]
< 18
< 18< 18
Power Consumption [W]< 100< 100

< 100